Our Story

Pet Barn Inc. was started in 1994 as a retail store in Maryland, inspired by a Newfoundland named Leif. You see, that big boy had soooo many problems that the vets said he wouldn’t make it until 2 years old. I then set out on a quest to find nutritious food etc…what I found out was that it was harder than it should have been. I decided to start a store of my own that would specialize in holistic wellness for your pet, and I do believe we accomplished that. Our goal is to educate customers on the need for natural ways to feed and care for your pet. And since 1994 the whole “doggie and kitty” world has changed greatly. We try to change with the times and to be a step ahead.

Oh yeah, Leif lived a very long life, surprising all the Vets. He died on my lap at the age of 10 and a half.

Thanks for visiting our site and if you have any questions feel free to call me personally.

—   Kelly Ballentine AKA: “Top Dog”

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